At Renda Group, we pride ourselves on being a business that values each and every one of our employees. Just as providing high-quality service to our customers is a priority, it’s equally important to us that our team members are well cared for and given opportunities to advance in their career. We’ve crafted a trusted and enjoyable work environment that not only caters to providing necessary employee resources, but also assists in finding the right placement based on an individual’s skill set, allowing them to grow and prosper within the company. With generous benefits, a positive work place and compassionate leadership, Renda Group is here to help our team members be successful.

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health benefits
dental & vision
paid time off
profit sharing
retirement options

A note from renda’s founder

All of our Renda companies are a great place to start or continue building your career. We offer on-the-job training and help our employees reach their professional and personal goals by providing continuous support and resources. Whether it’s through an annual tool allowance or expert training classes, we do what we can to help every team member grow and succeed in their industry.


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