Renda companies & Services

From utility construction to full-service general contracting, and even out-of-state specialized markets, Renda Group is here to tackle any size project with the commitment and integrity every customer deserves. Through our “concept to completion” strategy, we take the time to understand each customer’s vision and master the execution, allowing them to sit back during the process and show up to a final product far exceeding their expectations.

communication data link

A full-service utility construction company, Communication Data Link is equipped to handle any utility project including:

UG and Aerial  /  Damage Investigation & Loss Prevention  / Engineering and Permitting  /  Fiber, Coax and Copper Splicing


renda electric

A full-service electrical contractor, Renda Electric provides high-quality electrician services including:

Residential  /  Industrial  /  Commercial  /  Petroleum EV Stations  /  Solar


renda building company

A full-service building contractor, Renda Building Company exists as the general contractor for all building needs including:

Residential  /  Industrial  /  Commercial  /  Agricultural


safety measures

We place the utmost importance on safety, ensuring that it is held to the highest standard in every project we undertake. Our commitment to maintaining the basics and fundamentals is prioritized to create the safest environment possible, utilizing the right tools for each job to avoid overcomplicating any project. We take the necessary steps to carefully plan, prepare and execute in order to maintain industry standards and protect our clients, employees and the surrounding communities. All team members undergo proper training to make certain they are well-informed and capable of implementing best safety practices. With these comprehensive measures in place, we can guarantee each project is completed safely and with great attention to detail.

the team that understands the vision and masters the execution.