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Subcontractor partnerships


At Communication Data Link we understand the importance of building a strong network, and that’s why we are proud to offer a range of benefits for our subcontracting partnerships.

Communication data link services

Communication Data Link employees performing aerial utility work on power lines
Communication Data Link employees working at night on an underground utility project
& permitting
Communication Data Link employees discussing project details while working on-site
Fiber, Coax & Copper Splicing
Communication Data Link employee working on copper splicing
Hard & soft surface restoration
Communication Data Link employee operating heavy machinery to prepare the ground for utility work

We provide quality and essential utility construction services to our clients, allowing us to complete any project from permitting to splicing.

Christine Boelman
General Manager, Communication Data Link

Steady work & fast pay

Communication Data Links’s client portfolio provides steady work and access to large-scale projects, we have something for every contractor. Our subcontracting partnerships guarantee competitive pricing and fast pay, ensuring that team members are compensated fairly and on-time, giving them the confidence to deliver exceptional results every time.

Safety that measures up

We place the utmost importance on safety, ensuring that it is held to the highest standard in every project we undertake. We expect the contractors we work with to maintain the same level of safety standards while working on our projects.

Variety of projects

When subcontractors partner with Communication Data Link, they gain access to a diverse portfolio of projects that showcase the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our extensive range of services includes underground and aerial construction, restoration, engineering and permitting, fiber, coax, and copper splicing, and more.

Become a subcontractor

Interested in a subcontracting partnership with Communication Data Link? Give us a call or stop by our office to get the conversation started and any questions answered.

(515) 224-9544
1305 SW 37th St, Grimes, IA 50111

safety measures

We place the utmost importance on safety, ensuring that it is held to the highest standard in every project we undertake. Our commitment to maintaining the basics and fundamentals is prioritized to create the safest environment possible and to avoid overcomplicating any project. We take the necessary steps to carefully plan, prepare and execute in order to maintain industry standards and protect our clients, employees and the surrounding communities. All team members undergo proper training to make certain they are well-informed and capable of implementing best safety practices. With these comprehensive measures in place, we can guarantee each project is completed safely and with great attention to detail.

the team that understands the vision and masters the execution.