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utility construction needs

What you can expect while our team is working in the area

Communication Data Link is a full-service utility construction company equipped to handle any utility construction project including design, placement, activation and more. When our company has been assigned to work in the area, you can expect a reliable and professional experience that prioritizes both our client’s and the surrounding community’s satisfaction. While the work being done may vary from location to location, we can guarantee its necessity for the community and continued development of the area.

We understand that this can be a disruption. Before beginning construction, you should receive notification from the utility company, as well as our team. Our team ensures proper preparation to the given location, taking precautions to minimize any potential disruption to properties. While the utility work is in progress, you can expect the presence of heavy machinery, construction vehicles, and other equipment — this may result in road detours and disruption to individual properties. Once a project is complete, our team members will take the necessary steps to restore any disrupted property to its original condition. We understand the importance of minimizing disruption during this time period, and we strive to eliminate any inconvenience caused during the construction process.


Since day one, we’ve strived to deliver results we are proud to show our customers. We make sure the job is done right, and that we never sacrifice quality or customer satisfaction.


before » area preparation

Before beginning utility construction, we perform extensive preparation work in the assigned area to ensure the project can be completed efficiently and safely. Our trained professionals strive to reduce the amount of disruption to any surrounding properties as much as possible. Once area preparation has been completed, homeowners can expect work to begin shortly after.


Flags placed in and/or around lawn areas indicating the construction route
Paint lines in and/or around individual properties marking physical locations of work disruptions
Cones and/or road closures surrounding affected areas


While work is in progress, homeowners can expect to see an increased presence from our team, along with the required equipment for the project. We understand our work may cause some inconvenience for extended periods of time. We strive to minimize disruption to the best of our ability, and always work with careful consideration and respect for the homeowners and their properties.


The presence of large vehicles, heavy machinery and other required equipment
Noise disruption during designated work hours
Disrupted roads and/or individual properties
Cones and/or road closures surrounding affected areas
Placement of permanent poles and/or large structures

After » restoration process

Once our work in the area is complete, homeowners can expect our team to prioritize the restoration of any disrupted property. While we are committed to ensuring any altered property is handled with the highest standards of care, it is important for homeowners to continue the restoration efforts once our team has left the area.


Property restoration including backfilling, grading, seeding, concrete replacement or repair
Continued lawn watering is required from the property owner to ensure restored grass grows back properly

renda safety measures

We place the utmost importance on safety, ensuring that it is held to the highest standard in every project we undertake. Our commitment to maintaining the basics and fundamentals is prioritized to create the safest environment possible and to avoid overcomplicating any project. We take the necessary steps to carefully plan, prepare and execute in order to maintain industry standards and protect our clients, employees and the surrounding communities. All team members undergo proper training to make certain they are well-informed and capable of implementing best safety practices. With these comprehensive measures in place, we can guarantee each project is completed safely and with great attention to detail.

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